Zilco Flag Combo

$0.00 $64.95
Rug Size:
5 0;152cm
5 3;160cm
5 6;168cm
5 9;175cm
6 0;183cm
6 3;190cm
6 6;198cm
6 9;206cm

A rug designed for the hottest of days. The flag fabric is feather-light and soft to the touch. The construction of this material will keep insects at bay while protecting the horse from the sun's harsh rays.

Note: This is a soft lightweight rug and is therefore not as robust as many other rugs in the Zilco range. If you are looking for a durable paddock rug consider a Zilco Aircon or Supa-air for similar benefits and added strength.

  • Reinforced webbing on spine and sides
  • Fully bound
  • Large Tail Flap
  • Rump Darts
  • Double touch tape secure straps with metal dees on neck
  • The Flag combo while not as robust is a much cooler rug in hot humid conditions.