Identify your Kent & Masters Saddle

Each Kent & Masters saddle has a size and model stamp on the flap. Use this guide to help you decipher the codes:

The two (or three) digits are the seat size.

These might come before or after the letters. In earlier saddles the ½ symbol is used.

15 = 15"                                                    
155 = 15½"
16 = 16"
165 = 16½"
17 = 17"
175 = 17½"
18 = 18"

The letters point to the saddle model

PLEASE NOTE: Unless specified below, the codes do not distinguish between S-Series and Original ranges

The stamps do not identify year of manufacture, but where ranges have been recently introduced or discontinued (or codes have changes) we have pointed this out to give you an idea of the saddle’s possible age

This stamp will not be able to give a precise age, but the style of stamp changed around mid 2016 when the codes were swapped from large digits and letters (above or left) to smaller ones (below or right). If the code on the flap is the larger style, the saddle is likely to be from earlier than mid-2016.

Kent & Masters Dressage Saddles

DR or LDRR BarDressage low profile (pre 2015)
DX or MDXS BarCob Dressage (discontinued 2017/18)
HDMR BarDressage Moveable Block high wither (2015 onwards)
HDR or HWDRR BarDressage high wither (pre 2015)
HDSR BarDressage Surface Block high wither (2015 onwards)
LDMR BarDressage Moveable Block low profile (2015 onwards)
LDSR BarDressage Surface Block low profile (2015 onwards)
MDR or DRR BarDressage standard wither (pre 2015)
MDSR BarDressage Surface Block standard wither (2015 onwards)
MMDR BarComp Series Monoflap Dressage (introduced 2023)
MDMR BarDressage Moveable Block Standard Wither

Kent & Masters GP or All Purpose Saddles

DGCR BarS-Series Compact GP deeper gusset (re-named high wither
Compact GP in 2013)

DGPS BarDutch GP (now called Flat-Back GP)
GA or MGAR BarAnatomic GP (2014-2018)
GC or MGCR BarS-Series Compact GP standard wither
GD, MGD or GPDR BarGPD (discontinued 2017/18)
GP, MGP or GPMR BarGP standard wither
GU or MGUS BarFlat-Back GP
GX or MGXS BarCob GP
HGCR BarS-Series Compact GP high wither (2013 onwards)
HGDR BarGPD high wither (discontinued 2017/18)
HGPR BarGP high wither
LGCR BarS-Series Compact GP low profile (introduced 2018)
LL or MLLS BarPony Long Leg
PO or MPOS BarPony saddle
UGDR BarS-Series Universal GPD (introduced 2018)
UGPR BarS-Series Universal GP (introduced 2018)
UGHR BarS-Series Universal GP High Wither (introduced 2022)
VS or VSSR BarVSS (2010-2011)
VSL or LVS or VSSLR BarVSS low profile (2010-2011)
VSH or HVSR BarVSS high wither (2010-2011)

Kent & Masters Jump Saddles

JJ or MJJR BarS-Series Jump Saddle (introduced 2013) or 
Competition Series Jump (introduced 2023)

JU or MJUS BarJump (Original)
PJ or MPJS-BarS-Series Pony Jump Saddle (introduced 2013)
XC or MXCS BarCross Country Monoflap (2012-2013)
MXCR BarCompetition Series Monoflap XC (introduced 2023)