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Snaffle Bits 

This bit range engages directly with the horse's mouth, devoid of leverage or pulley effects. Operating on the tongue, bars, and sides of the mouth, severity varies with bit thickness. Thicker bits offer gentler action, reducing cutting and bruising in the mouth's tender areas compared to finer mouthpieces. Mullen mouth bits are milder, contrasting with jointed bits' potential "nut-cracker" action. Gentler bits may suit horses prone to pulling.


Introducing a moderate-mouthed, single-jointed plain snaffle with extra-large loose wire rings, ideal for aiding the horse in maintaining straightness by applying pressure to the outside of its face. Popular among sporting horses for its strength yet gentler feel compared to thinner mouthpieces. This bit acts not only on the corners of the mouth and tongue with a nutcracker action on the bars but also exerts pressure on the outside of the face and mouth.


Introducing a wire loose ring single snaffle featuring a thick plain lightweight hollow mouth. Similar to a traditional German loose ring hollow mouth snaffle, but with a lighter construction and a thicker mouthpiece, providing an improved bearing surface for the tongue and bars. This gentle bit is light in the mouth and easy on the tongue due to its thickness. The loose ring design encourages mouthing, making it ideal for horses with a longer mouth, as it accommodates the extra thickness, and for those with tender bars.


Introducing a single-jointed plain bit with eggbutt sides and flat rings. The mouthpiece is solid and of moderate thickness. Slightly more severe than a hollow mouth type, yet still considered kind, provided it's used with care. As long as the joint angle doesn't overly pinch the tongue, it's an excellent bit. The eggbutt sides prevent pinching of the lips. Acting on the corners of the lip, tongue, and bars, it offers a balanced approach to control.


Introducing a plain mullen mouth bit of medium thickness with eggbutt sides. The slight curve of the mullen mouth allows it to lie comfortably over the tongue, offering precise control as it distributes pressure evenly and protects the bars effectively. The eggbutt sides cushion the corners of the lips, preventing chafing and pinching. Ideal for use with a grackle noseband, it must be paired with a straight or mullen mouth of rigid construction. A gentle bit, stronger than a rubber mullen mouth but milder than a jointed bit, suitable for a variety of horses.


Introducing a double-jointed snaffle with a flat oval connecting plate, designed to eliminate the nutcracker action of a single joint. The French link lies flat across the tongue, offering a gentler alternative for horses averse to single joints. More assertive than the loose ring version, its eggbutt sides prevent rubbing and maintain central positioning in the mouth. However, it remains a strong bit and requires calm hands, as it applies pressure not only on the corners of the mouth but also on the sides and center of the tongue, as well as the bars.


Introducing an eggbutt-sided, plain tapered mouth bradoon with wire rings. Resembling its larger cousin, it boasts a thick mouth for increased tongue and bar coverage. Specifically designed for use with a fixed-cheek, thick-mouth dressage weymouth, it's scaled down to ensure comfortable accommodation in the horse's mouth. Typically not used alone, smaller sizes (3 1/2" and 4") may suit very small ponies requiring a smaller bit. When used with a weymouth, the bradoon's objective is to raise and place the head.


A loose ring training bit is a versatile tool designed to encourage acceptance and responsiveness in the horse's training regimen. Its hallmark feature, the loose rings, allow for independent movement of the bit within the horse's mouth, promoting relaxation and suppleness. This freedom of movement encourages the horse to softly and willingly accept contact with the bit, aiding in the development of a steady connection between horse and rider. Additionally, the gentle action of the loose rings encourages the horse to seek contact and engage the hindquarters, promoting balance and self-carriage. Ideal for young or green horses as well as those in need of refinement, a loose ring training bit offers comfort and encouragement throughout the training process.


The flat ring, eggbutt-sided single-joint gag snaffle is a specialized bit designed for precise control during riding. Its unique construction features holes in the rings, allowing the rolled leather or cord cheek of a special bridle head to pass through the bit end. Positioned in a small ring that takes the reins, this setup enables the bit to fit normally when no pressure is applied. However, when the reins are pulled, the rolled ends slide through the bit, exerting upward pressure and creating a vice-like effect between the poll and corners of the mouth. To provide additional control, a second rein can be attached conventionally. Considered one of the gentler gags, it acts on the tongue, bars, corners of the mouth, and poll, offering effective communication while ensuring the horse's comfort and responsiveness.


The single-jointed snaffle with dee cheek and thin plain mouthpiece is a powerful bit, designed for racing and other high-speed disciplines. Its thin mouthpiece, while lightweight, provides limited bearing surface and may cause discomfort by cutting into the tongue, bars, and corners of the mouth. The dee cheeks, reminiscent of an eggbutt, extend at right angles from the mouthpiece, offering stability and control. The hinged ring design, attached to the top and bottom of the short cheek, ensures a positive action, providing clear communication between rider and horse. Recommended for experienced riders with light hands, this bit offers precise control and responsiveness in fast-paced environments..


The Dutch jointed gag bit is a specialized piece of equipment designed to provide increased control and precision in the horse's training and riding experience. Featuring a unique Dutch jointed mouthpiece, this bit offers relief from the nutcracker action commonly associated with single-jointed bits, minimizing discomfort and encouraging acceptance. The gag cheekpieces, characterized by their upward leverage effect when the reins are engaged, allow for enhanced control and communication between horse and rider. This combination of the Dutch jointed mouthpiece and gag cheekpieces makes the Dutch jointed gag bit an effective tool for refining lateral movements, promoting flexion, and encouraging lightness in the horse's response to rein aids. Ideal for experienced riders seeking subtle yet effective aids, the Dutch jointed gag bit offers versatility and refinement in the training and performance of sport horses across various disciplines.


The colt leading bit, commonly known as the Chifney, is a specialized piece of equipment designed to discourage young horses from rearing while being led in-hand. Attached to the three D's of the head-collar, its U-shaped mouthpiece is strategically positioned to apply pressure to the tongue if the horse attempts to rear. While effective in its purpose, it's important to note that the Chifney is not considered a kind bit, as its design can be sharp and uncomfortable for the horse. The name "chifney" originates from its inventor, Samuel Chifney (1753-1807), who achieved notable success by winning the Derby on Skyscraper in 1789.


Introducing a wire ring snaffle with a flexible soft rubber mouthpiece, designed with the horse's comfort in mind. The thickness of the rubber provides a wide bearing surface, reducing the risk of bruising and cutting while ensuring gentle contact. This bit works progressively, first engaging the corners of the mouth (lips), then the tongue, and finally the bars, promoting responsiveness and acceptance. The flexible nature of the mullen mouth allows it to curve around the sides of the lower jaw upon contact, simulating the action of a jointed bit without the actual joint. While some horses may lack confidence in this type of bit due to its flexibility, it remains an ideal choice for those with tender or sore mouths. However, it's important to note that this bit is not suitable for use with a kineton noseband.


Introducing the full cheek, eggbutt-sided plain snaffle with loose wire rings—a versatile choice for schooling purposes. Featuring a substantial mouth thickness, this bit offers comfort and control during training sessions. The elongated cheeks prevent the bit from being pulled through the mouth, while the eggbutt sides protect the corners of the mouth from pinching. The loose rings provide extra play, encouraging the horse to mouthe and maintain a responsive, moist mouth. For optimal performance, it's recommended to use keepers to fix the angle of the bit cheek, ensuring the guiding action of the long cheek against the horse's face remains effective. Renowned for its kindness, this metal mouth bit is a preferred option for many horse owners.


Introducing the short cheek, eggbutt-sided plain snaffle with loose wire rings—an ideal choice for stockwork. Featuring eggbutt sides, this bit protects the corners of the mouth while providing stability during maneuvers. The loose rings offer flexibility, encouraging the horse to mouthe and maintain a moist, responsive mouth, aiding in straightness and preventing the bit from being pulled through the mouth. With its nutcracker action, this bit applies pressure to the tongue, bars, corners of the mouth, and outside of the cheeks, ensuring effective communication between horse and rider in various situations.


Introducing the loose ring sweet iron jointed mouthpiece—a versatile option for everyday riding and general training. Featuring a normal mouthpiece with loose rings, this bit allows for freedom of movement, enabling it to find its optimal position in the horse's mouth. Crafted from sweet iron metal, it offers a full flavor that stimulates the horse's mouth, promoting increased salivation for a greater response, particularly beneficial for horses with dry mouths. With its ability to enhance comfort and responsiveness, this bit is ideal for various riding activities and training purposes.


Introducing the Full Cheek Jointed Snaffle, meticulously designed for teaching young horses to mouth. This traditional bit features three players for added stimulation, encouraging acceptance and engagement. The full cheeks prevent the bit from being pulled through the horse's mouth while providing lateral control. When paired with fulmer keepers (sold separately), the mouthpiece remains securely positioned for effective training sessions. 


Introducing the Single Jointed Snaffle with Stainless Steel and Copper Rollers, a versatile bit designed to encourage salivation and lighten the mouth. The incorporation of copper rollers promotes saliva production, enhancing comfort for the horse. Featuring Dee cheeks, akin to an eggbutt, the straight cheek design prevents the bit from sliding through the mouth while applying gentle pressure to the sides of the horse's mouth for improved responsiveness and control. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, this bit ensures durability and reliability in various riding disciplines.

Pelham Bits


Introducing the Plain Single Jointed Mouth with Hinged Cheeks of Medium Short Length—a versatile curb bit designed for controlled riding. While the jointed mouth provides flexibility, it may not be as satisfactory as a straight bar, mullen, or Cambridge mouth. The joint allows independent twisting of the bit halves, potentially causing discomfort and confusion for the horse. Additionally, the nutcracker action of the joint can increase the strength of the bit compared to a mullen or Cambridge mouth, impacting the effectiveness of the curb chain. It's essential to consider the horse's comfort and response when selecting a curb bit for optimal performance.


Introducing the Stainless Steel Pelham Bit with Traditional Low Ported Cambridge Mouthpiece, designed to accommodate the horse's tongue while offering control and communication. This bit includes a double-link curb chain for added leverage. The Pelham bit functions with both snaffle and curb reins, exerting poll pressure and chin pressure via the curb chain when the curb rein is engaged, while direct pressure on the snaffle rein acts on the sides of the mouth. When equipped with Pelham Roundings, this bit can be used with a single rein, reducing the traditional curb action for gentler communication with the horse.


Introducing the Stainless Steel Pelham Bit with Thick, Soft Flexible Rubber Mouth, meticulously crafted for horses with sensitive mouths. This bit features stainless steel rings and a soft, flexible rubber mouthpiece, ensuring comfort and gentleness during use. Complete with a double-link curb chain, it offers additional leverage when needed. The Pelham bit functions with both snaffle and curb reins, with the curb rein exerting pressure on the poll and chin via the curb chain, while the snaffle rein applies direct pressure on the sides of the mouth. Ideal for riders seeking versatile control with gentle communication for their horse.


Introducing the Plain Cambridge Mouth Bit with Short Cheek—a versatile option offering relatively mild curb action. The sliding cheek design, akin to a gag, allows for adjustable leverage. With strong contact to the curb rein, the mouthpiece moves up the cheek, limited by the slot's space, encouraging mouthing. The movable cheeks enable inward eye turning. Pair with a loose ring bradoon for a double bit setup. Acts on the corners of the mouth, tongue, bars, chin-groove, and poll, providing comprehensive control and communication.


The plain single jointed mouth Kimblewick Pelham features cheeks similar to the Cambridge and Mullen mouth versions, but with a thin single jointed bit that hinges on the cheeks. This construction allows for improved performance of the curb chain compared to an ordinary jointed Pelham. However, the jointed mouthpiece may displace the chain from its correct position, and the thin mouthpiece can make it a sharp bit. It functions somewhat like a hanging snaffle, combining aspects of a D snaffle with added curb action.


The stainless steel Kimblewick bit features a low-ported mouth, also known as the "Kimberwick" in the USA or a "Spanish Snaffle". The bridle cheek pieces attach at the top of the bit for a direct poll action, similar to pelhams and Weymouth bits. Slotted cheeks offer adjustable rein positions to vary curb action. The ported mouthpiece provides tongue relief and acts on the bars of the mouth, promoting comfort. Includes a double link curb chain for added control.