All re-flocking is done using Australian Merino Wool by a qualified saddler in consultant with a UK Qualified Master Saddle Fitter. Australian Merino Wool Flock conforms and settles to your horse's back better then other synthetic flock.

Full re-flock $180.00

Flock Conversion, convert your panel system to full Australian Merino Wool Flock $180.00

Partial re-flock $100.00

Replace and recover seat $1000.00

Complete re-dye using our specially formulated sealing dye which minimize staining of your garments & tack $200.00

Heat or press gullet change on selected compatible brands $100.00

Re-cover damaged panels $960.00


Stock or Fender 2 buckle girth conversion $160.00

Shorten Fenders $60.00

Extend Fenders $60.00

New Fenders From $550.00

Remove Excess Flock $60.00

Replace Webbing on English Saddle $90.00

Re-Lace English Saddle $50.00

Punch Holes in Leather no-charge 


For custom leather work and repairs