Aitken's Saddlery employs a experienced saddler in collaboration with a UK Qualified Master Saddle Fitter for all re-flocking procedures. Our commitment to quality extends to using Australian Merino Wool, known for its superior conformity and settling properties on your horse's back compared to synthetic flock materials. Trust Aitken's Saddlery for meticulous re-flocking that ensures optimal comfort and fit for your horse.

Full re-flock $200.00

Flock Conversion, convert your panel system to full Australian Merino Wool Flock $200.00

Partial re-flock $100.00

Replace and recover seat $1000.00

Complete re-dye using our specially formulated sealing dye which minimize staining of your garments & tack $200.00

Heat or press gullet change on selected compatible brands $100.00

Replace Girth Points $220


Remove Excess Flock $60.00

Replace Webbing on English Saddle $90.00

Re-Lace English Saddle $50.00

Punch Holes in Leather no-charge 


For custom leather work and repairs