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Very Important Pad Black


The Very Important Pad is a unique pressure-relieving pad for horses. It can be worn over or under a saddlecloth to distribute pressure from your saddle more evenly across the horse's back. It is made from Akton® Polymer, a renowned viscoelastic polymer which has been rigorously tested worldwide in 40 years of scientific research. It is universally trusted in human clinical and sporting settings for its superior pressure-relieving, impact and sheer force-reducing qualities. The Very Important Pad draws and disperses heat from the horse's back, regulating temperature. It's hypoallergenic, easily cleanable and does not support bacterial growth.

The feel of the VIP is very soft and flexible yet the durable honeycomb structure of the Akton gel guarantees huge tensile strength allowing the pad to always maintain it's shape under extreme and prolonged compression. So, unlike foam and softer gel pads, the VIP can deflect an applied load without bottoming out.  Being extremely effective yet thin (8mm), the VIP pad does not compromise saddle fit.

Superior textured structure gives high tensile strength, the key to maintaining shape under extreme and prolonged compression

Soft, flexible and seamless with no pressure causing trims

Moulds to your horses back like a low-profile second skin

A thin film gullet eliminates pressure on the horse's spine

Only 8mm thick so does not alter your saddle fit

Bobbles increase surface area, alleviating pressure points and evenly distributing weight

Relieves impact, pressure, sheer forces and friction
Does not leak, flow, absorb sweat, bottom out or spread under pressure
Can be worn over or under a saddlecloth, bobble side down.
Hypoallergenic and easy to clean.