Tredstep Pro G2 Gaiter Black

Calf 12-Height 16
Calf 13-Height 15
Calf 13-Height 16
Calf 13-Height 17
Calf 14-Height 15
Calf 14-Height 16
Calf 14-Height 17
Calf 15-Height 15
Calf 15-Height 16
Calf 15-Height 17
Calf 15-Height 19
Calf 16-Height 15
Calf 16-Height 16
Calf 16-Height 17
Calf 16-Height 18
Calf 17-Height 16
Calf 17-Height 17
Calf 17-Height 18

Tredstep Pro G2 Gaiter is designed for today's competition rider. The ProGaiter offers elegance and style with a contoured fit that allows flexibility of movement ensuring riders can achieve secure leg positions at all times.

The Pro Gaiter is the choice of top riders worldwide who are looking for a superior fit and the appearance of a traditional long boot. An elastic gusset at the front of the gaiter ensures an easy fit along with more generous stretch leather panels on each side of the rear zip. Stretch leather is an innovative process of fusing the finest quality soft leathers with a strong stretch fabric allowing Tredstep to produce soft supple and stretchable leather. This gives a more secure and snug fit without any loss of mobility.