Thorowgood Elastic End Girth

85cm;34 Inches
95cm;38 Inches
100cm;40 Inches
105cm;42 Inches
110cm;44 Inches
115cm;46 Inches
120cm;48 Inches
125cm;50 Inches
130cm;52 Inches
135cm;54 Inches
150cm;60 Inches
155cm;62 Inches
140cm;56 Inches
145cm;58 Inches

Quality girth from Thorowgood England. Girths designed for horses with a medium to medium wide back width. Elastic at the end of the girth which is visible to check your girth safety each time you get on your horse.

Our award-winning Airoform GP gets better and better. We've used the same stay-soft Airoform cushioning as it really does stay that way no matter how much use it gets and eliminates any pinching of the sensitive skin behind the elbows. Plus we have designed a new double-layer stitching system for your peace of mind. Treat your horse to some luxury!

  • Textured for airflow and extra comfort
  • Shaped to fit
  • Elasticated inserts reduce pressure and make tacking up easier
  • With stainless steel roller buckles each end
  • Needs no oil or soap just simply sponge clean
  • With new double-layer stitching system for your peace of mind.

It is a good habit to clean your girth after each use for longer life of the girth and the comfort of your horse. Sweat is what causes the girths to go hard if not removed and cracking will occur.