Thorowgood Elasticated Dressage Girth

45cm;18 Inches
50cm;20 Inches
55cm;22 Inches
60cm;24 Inches
65cm;26 Inches
70cm;28 Inches
75cm;30 Inches
80cm;32 Inches

Our award-winning girth in a dressage style gently curved for a snug contoured fit. We've used the same stay-soft Airoform cushioning as it really does stay that way no matter how much use it gets and helps eliminate any pinching of the sensitive skin behind the elbows.

Plus we've designed a new double-layer stitching system for your peace of mind. With a new centre-stitched keeper each end to hold longer girth straps neatly in place

  • Textured for airflow
  • Elasticated inserts help reduce pressure and make tacking up easier
  • With stainless steel roller buckles each end
  • Needs no oil or soap simply sponge clean