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Thorowgood Airoform Non Elastic Girth

95cm;38 Inches
100cm;40 Inches
105cm;42 Inches
110cm;44 Inches
115cm;46 Inches
120cm;48 Inches
125cm;50 Inches
130cm;52 Inches
135cm;54 Inches
140cm;56 Inches
145cm;58 Inches

Thorowgood Airoform Girth are especially designed for the Cobs and other big barreled conformations. The new Thorowgood Cob Girth features split ends at BOTH ends to reach splayed Point and Balance strap girthing arrangements.

  • Non-elasticated to hold the saddle in position when there is no wither to act as an anchor.
  • Textured Airoform material for airflow and extra comfort
  • Split ends to reach Point and Balance strap saddle girthing
  • Non-elasticated to increase stability on rounder conformations
  • Shaped to prevent pinching behind elbows
  • Double-layer stitching system for extra security
  • Stainless-steel roller-buckles both ends for easy adjustment and long- life
  • Sponge clean after each use to keep nice and soft for your horse