Thorowgood T4 All Purpose Pony Long Leg Saddle Black

16.5 Inches;42cm
16 Inches;40cm

This all-round saddle helps the young rider develop a balanced and independent seat. Super-comfy and stylish, with slimline panels to allow clear communication of the leg aids

Ideal for all kinds of riding activities!

Luxurious suede-effect seat covering and knee pads are non-slip and really comfortable to ride on.

The panels are flocked with 100% British wool and have a maximised bearing surface, while the short panel design enables this saddle to fit on short-backed ponies.

  • Always girth in the neutral position (2 & 3) when the saddle is first ridden.
  • If the saddle moves forwards use positions 1 & 3.
  • If the saddle lifts at the back use 2 & 4.
  • For increased stability, on a round barrelled / flat backed horse, use positions 1 & 4.

On this saddle use Thorowgood S Bar Gullets.

All materials sourced in England and Manufactured in England