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Stretch & Flex Flatwork Wraps New White

Extra Large

Soft, comfortable & breathable schooling boots. Flexible schooling wraps designed to be comfortable and breathable, offering gentle support and protection from brushing.
Flexible schooling wraps designed to be comfortable and breathable, offering gentle support and protection from brushing.

  • Allows your horse to move without restriction with 4-way stretch.
  • Soft inner ‘jersey’ lining designed with the most sensitive horses in mind.
  • Actively ‘pumps’ air away from the leg through perforated domes in the fabric.
  • Long-lasting, quality material that stands the test of time.
  • All round protection with targeted cushioning over the areas prone to brushing injuries.
  • Suitable for schooling, hacking and everyday use.  Easy to fit, easy to wash and extremely comfortable for the horse to wear.

Can be worn on front or hind legs as required.

What is the inspiration behind the Stretch & Flex Wraps?
A horse called Timmy was the inspiration behind these innovative support wraps. Timmy had extremely sensitive skin, which were rubbed by other boots. He needed something soft and comfortable, but also something suitable to keep his legs protected, cool and allow him to move freely when dressage training. As a result, the Stretch & Flex Wraps were born!

What are the materials used in the Stretch & Flex Wraps?
Stomatex: Originally developed for human athletes, Stomatex® was designed to provide four-way stretch, to enable use around mobile joints, and an outstanding ability to keep the skin dry. It is commonly used in the manufacture of heat acclimatisation suits, padding for wheelchairs, special wetsuits and sports injury support bandages. The material mimics the way a leaf ‘breathes’, which allows the horses leg to stay cool and maintains an ideal skin temperature over an extended period of time. The way the material works is by efficiently moving trapped vapour molecules from beneath the fabric by the flexing action of minute dome shaped chambers which contain a tiny pore in the centre. This also gives it it’s unique appearance.

Automotive Grade Cushioning Spacer Mesh: This mesh is strategically placed over the inside of the cannon bone for extra protection. The spacer fabric has an additional jersey fabric on the inside of the boot to create an even softer lining against your horses’ leg. Ideal to act as a ‘cushion’ and comfortable to wear, the spacer fabric is also fantastic at letting heat and moisture pass through easily to get sweat and warmth away from the skin.

Who are the Stretch & Flex Schooling Wraps for?

  • Primarily designed for schooling or a smart, comfortable, and protective competition boot, Stretch and
  • Flex Wraps are shaped to fit comfortably around the contours of the horse’s leg making them ideal for horses with knocks, scars or splints.

The stretch fabrics and boot construction means your horse can move with ease, and so the boots are popular for flatwork, including lateral or advanced movements.

How do I care for the Stretch & Flex Wraps?

  • The boots can be washed off with a rinse from the hose or if needing a slightly more thorough wash, they are machine washable at 30 degrees Celsius.  
  • Leave them to air dry away from a direct heat source and they will be dry and ready to use in no time!
  • Ensure the boot straps are closed before washing.

A Hook Cleaner Brush can be used to keep the hook in good working order so it attaches to the loop effectively.

Why use these schooling wraps?
Offering an alternative to bandages, these support boots are not only easy to put on, but breathable and comfortable for your horse too. Available in two different styles giving you the choice of added fetlock coverage with the Training Wraps, or a brushing boot design with the Flatwork Wraps, the boots feature a unique material that allows a close, comfortable, and flexible fit.