Schockemohle Equitus Gamma Black & Silver Bridle



A real innovation of Schockemöhle Sports is the anatomical canare Equitus Gamma. Based on the design and function of the popular EQUITUS line, this model offers maximum comfort for the horse. The curved riding neck bypasses the sensitive main facial nerve, and additional guide loops prevent the side parts from slipping towards the horse's eye. The thigh bite is attached to the button rniete of the nasal band, the canary bite to the elongated headpiece. Thus, both bites lie more stable in the horse's mouth. Thanks to its extra-wide fit, the curved headband avoids unnecessary pressure in the eye-to-ear area. Pads on the rear buckles additionally protect the horse's head. Equitus Gamma – the candied for a satisfied and powerful dressage horse!

Innovation: Canders of the EQUITUS line

  • curved riding neck bypasses the main facial nerve
  • Pad to cover the rear buckles
  • Nose width approx. 45 mm
  • Fixing the trensenge bite to the button rniete of the nasal band
  • Fixing the canary bite to the extended headpiece
  • optimal position of the side panels due to additional guide loops prevents the straps from slipping into the eyes of the horse
  • curved headband with extra-wide fit to avoid pressure in the eye-ear area