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Schockemohle Stanford Wide Bridle Black with Silver


STANFORD combines function and sporty design: The bridle with an anatomically shaped special riding halter has a unique neck piece, which has been specially adapted to the anatomy of the horse. It allows the horse an unrestricted ear play during carrying. Due to the pressure reduction in the sensitive zones such as cheekbone and neck, the comfort for the horse is significantly maximized. The scope of delivery includes two headbands: a simple leather headband, as well as a narrow, single-row crystal headband.

  • Anatomical bridle in sporty design
  • Flat side panels
  • Equipped with two headbands: plain leather or a narrow crystal headband
  • Cheek pieces with bridle hooks
  • Double-side adjustable throat strap

This bridle is 'wide' version of the popular Schockemohle Standford Bridle. It features wider cheek pieces and noseband straps.