1 Litre

Rehydration liquid for use after exercise, competition, travelling or stress.

RECHARGE is the ‘sports drink’ for horses and contains a concentrated solution of electrolytes and glucose with a palatable apple flavour to:

Restore electrolyte levels immediately

Stimulate the horse’s natural thirst mechanism to increase fluid intake and support rehydration

Boost energy and assist in electrolyte absorption  


Horses prior to, during and after travel

Performance horses following sweat loss

Rehydration after illness or diarrhoea

“Tucked up” horses – showing signs of dehydration


Rapidly restores electrolyte levels - RECHARGE is formulated to provide rapid correction of fluid and electrolyte levels in the performance horse to maintain hydration, promote normal body function, provide efficient temperature regulation and heart and blood vessel stability and function.

Added glucose for energy and drive electrolyte absorption.

Versatile and palatable oral rehydration fluid – Can be diluted in drinking water or administered directing by a syringe over the tongue.