Prolite Wither Pad Black

One size

Size: Full | Colour: Black | Spine length: 23.5cm | Thickness: 1/2"

Non-adjustable closed-cell medical-grade foam pad to help in cases of muscle wastage or to alter saddle-fit
Favoured by saddle-fitters to raise the front of the saddle, reducing the damaging effects of pressure from the points of the tree. Perfect for filling in wither hollows on the older or high-withered horse. Will not slide back or down, and can be used in conjunction with another pad or saddlecloth. What makes our pads so much better than their rivals is that Prolite is a closed-cell medical grade foam which, in recent scientific tests, was shown to reduce saddle pressures. It is important to note that this was demonstrated with the horse moving at trot and at speed with a rider on board - not in a laboratory.

3-in-1 protection:

  • Impact Prolite absorbs impact from strikes and blows or rider movement
  • Pressure Points Prolite disperses pressure points over a wider area
  • Movement Prolite absorbs lateral movement remaining still against the skin