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The Showcraft Pro 150 cordless is a professional single speed 150 watt clipper that is powered with a rechargeable 4000 mAh Lithium -ion battery.

  • Each of the two provided batteries have a 90 minute run time after a full 2 hour charge.
  • Designed for horses, cattle and large dogs the clipper runs at 79 decibels weighing only 1.3 kgs with battery and a blade cutting speed of 2800 rpm.
  • CE approved with S.A.A. approved electrical cord & plug and EMC certification.


A sturdy carry case the Pro 150 cordless is supplied with two complete blade sets made with the same fitment system as used on most major clipper brands.

The standard 1mm blade set, which gives a close 1-2 mm clip length length, comes assembled on the clipper, along with a spare 3mm blade set which gives a longer 3-4 mm clip length .


  • 2 x 4000 mAh Lithium- ion batteries
  • lubricating oil
  • cleaning brush
  • special screwdriver
  • operating manual with warranty

12 Months local warranty covers any mechanical or electrical manufacturing defects. Simply contact the store where purchased along with receipt or proof of purchase.

Need help on Sizing?


Note: Please bear in mind that every horse is different and this table is a guide only. We have many different styles to suit all shapes and sizes. New Zealand & Euro sizes are measured from the top of the horse. (Withers to tail. C-D) UK, USA & Australian sizes are measured at the bottom of the horse. (From the centre of the chest to the rear. A-B)

How to Choose The Right Fit

The fit of your rug is very important to ensure the optimal comfort and ease of movement for your horse. Since horses of the same height at the wither come in a variety of shapes and sizes, it is useful to take careful measurements of your horse to choose the right size rug.

Using a soft tape measuring tape, measure from (A) t the centre point of the chest, across the point of the shoulder and to the point (B) the rear of the hind legs where you would like the rug to finish.

How do I know that I have the right fit

A well fitting rug will not move or rub your horse.


  • Place the rug forward and in front of the wither. The chest buckle should be fastened on the first or second hole, leaving a small gap. Further back than this the horse may need a larger size.
  • The neck line should sit well up on the neck clear of the shoulder with the shoulder gussets correctly positioned on the point of the shoulder.
  • The rug should finish at the top of the tail for most horses (the tail flap will then cover the rest)
  • Leg straps are looped through each other loose enough to prevent chaffing but not loose enough to hang any where near the horses hocks.
  • Leg strap clips should face inwards to the horse to reduce the chance of catching on fences or other hazards.



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