Premier Pink Padded Weymouth Bridle

$459.95 $250.00
Black with Pink Padding
Double Bridle

This Premier padded Bridle by Jeffries comes with pink padding over the pole and behind the noseband.

For ultimate performance, appearance and safety, choosing a Jeffries bridle makes perfect sense. Jeffries use only the best British bridle butts from quality leather dressers and curriers and Jeffries bridle leather is always at least 3.75mm thick for maximum strength and durability.
Hides are carefully selected and inspected before going through scrupulous hand preparation. Rounded and sealed edges protect the fibres from sweat, the elements and ensures comfort for the horse. Stained and sealed, the leather is then buffed and polished to a fine sheen, ready for stitching.
Stress points on the Jeffries Elite Premier bridles are always double hand-stitched with hand-waxed thread. Every bridle is crafted with at least nine stitches to the inch, and the accuracy and quality of stitching is second to none. Completed bridlework is carefully checked over once again and finished with more buffing, creating the superior appearance of a Jeffries bridle.
Hand finished by the same craftsman who started preparing it, a Jeffries bridle represents a sound investment in your horse's comfort and your safety, providing long lasting service over many years.Fine English leather with all the hallmarks that an English bridle should have. Fine stitching, the leather ran the right way so that the leather bends correctly. The holes punched so that the small holes appear on the outside of the bridle.