Myler MB05 Eggbutt With Hooks Bit

Cob;5 Inches

Style 128816 (Cob only)

  • MB05 Myler Medium Wide Port Comfort Snaffle
  • MB05 Design:Curved mouthpiece with low ported centre barrel

Function: Puts pressure on the corners and tops of the bars and collapses slightly on the lips. Will not pinch bars or tongue. No palate or tongue pressure on most horses. Offers tongue relief. Each side moves independently.

Level three: Useful for the intermediate and finished horse, this bit works primarily off the bars and collapses slightly on the lips. Offers a lot of tongue relief. Independant side movement allows the rider to isolate one side and lift a shoulder. For horses needing more tongue relief. 

The MB05 works well for bending and balancing.