Luc Childeric Oil


Luc Childeric is a Mineral oil to use with a paintbrush. Apply before you use your equipment for the first time in order to nourish and waterproof your leather.

How to apply to a Luc Childeric Saddle:

1. Give the saddle a couple of light coats of oil focusing on the underside of the flaps with the Luc Childeric Paraffin Oil (avoid over oiling the soft leather covering the knee rolls and seat).

2. Once the oil has soaked into the leather give the saddle a quick clean using the Luc Childeric Glycerine soap by putting a small amount of soap onto a damp cloth/sponge and wipe over leather The Luc Childeric Glycerine Soap is a mild leather conditioner. This combined with its ability to cleanse leather makes it the perfect product to care for your saddle