Luc Childeric DSP Dressage Saddle

16.5 Inches;42cm
17 Inches;43cm
17.5 Inches;44cm
20mm Front 10mm Back
15mm Front 10mm Back
20mm Front 15mm Back

Luc Childeric DSP Dressage is a Saddle in the Childeric range. It is handcrafted in France and is made on a wood and steel tree from aged Birch.

Many man hours go into a Childeric saddle. The panels are made from top quality Latex hand carved to give a convex concave panel which is shaped to the horse's back. The welt in the seat is hand stitched to avoid large stitching to irritate the rider making it slimmer and smoother to ride in.

The DSP Pony Dressage saddle is the pony version of the DSC. It is equipped with small padded quarters to ensure optimal contact. Semi-hollow seat for a less framing seat and a greater freedom. This mono-quarter dressage saddle has V-straps for a perfect fit on the horse's back.

This saddle has a half deep seat with a slim twist.

This model has been designed for the competition and the daily work of the sport horse.

The size of the Childeric tree cannot be adjusted. Minor adjustments can be made with pure wool felt shims by a Childeric trained saddler.