Luc Childeric DHE Dressage Saddle


Luc Childeric DHE Dressage Saddle is a hand crafted French dressage saddle with ultra close contact between the horse and rider and manufactured using a wood tree made from aged Birch wood to obtain maximum flex and movement with the horse.

The DHE Luc Childeric saddle is crafted from the finest quality Buffalo leather. This leather when new looks like suede but with use will quickly go smooth. Click on the image and see that there are no stitching holes from where they hand stitch their seats into the saddle having control over the tension of the stitch.

The DHE Luc Childeric saddle has a balance point more forward than the other models of Luc Childeric. The flaps are angled. The Luc Childeric DHE is usually more suitable for a compact type of horse.

The DHE Dressage Saddle is equipped with a very hollow seat for a deep and very framing seat. Large front cleat wraps for great leg support. This mono-quarter dressage saddle has V-straps for a perfect fit on the horse's back. This saddle allows an excellent distribution of supports.

This model has been designed for the competition and the daily work of the sport horse.

If needed these saddles can be made with custom designed panels to accommodate a horse that might need a little bit different panel because of the shape of the back. These handcrafted saddles are manufactured with the utmost care. There is approximately thirty two hours in creating this saddle.

The size of the Childeric tree cannot be adjusted. Minor adjustments can be made with pure wool felt shims by a Childeric trained saddler.