Luc Childeric DAC DGP Dressage Saddle


The Luc Childeric DAC DGP Saddle is handcrafted in France by quality craftsmen.

  • High quality hand carved Latex panels in a concave and convex shape for the horse
  • Hand Stitched Welt in the seat of the saddle eliminating lumps and bumps
  • Aged Birch tree wood used in the Steel wood tree
  • Buffalo leather

The DAC is one of the original model saddles in the Childeric range. The saddles come in different mm panels. As a guide a 15mm is a Medium Wide while a 10mm is a wide. Some horse's require a special combination panel.

The DAC/DGP is one of the best known models from Luc Childeric. Released in 2001, it is one of the best sellers. With its semi-hollow seat, it is suitable for most riders, allowing freedom and mobility. Medium and straight cleats for a great support of the leg and help induce a vertical position without constraint. 

This mono-quarter dressage saddle has V-straps for a perfect fit on the horse's back. This saddle allows an excellent distribution of supports which has been designed for the competition and the daily work of the sport horse. 

Luc Childeric saddles are made entirely to measure, allowing to adjust perfectly to the morphology of the rider and that of his mount. Totally customizable thanks to a large choice of options, it is possible to create a unique saddle.

  • Can be ordered with contrast orange stitching or black
  • Each saddle is made by hand and made to measure


The size of the Childeric tree cannot be adjusted. Minor adjustments can be made with pure wool felt shims by a Childeric trained saddler.