Kohnke Redi-Flex


The New Generation Supplement for Total Joint Heath


Many horses benefit from targeted nutrition to help protect, maintain and repair joints and cartilage.

Joint supplements are considered by many horse owners to be an investment in the future competitive soundness of their performance horse and may also enable more comfortable movement in senior and aged horses experiencing arthritis and joint pain.

The Benefits of Redi-Flex:

  • Comprehensive supplement specifically designed for total joint health
  • Formulation targets joint structures with ingredients proven to benefit joint and cartilage function
  • Multiple modes of action with the most advance, high potency and concentrated formulation of joint health nutrients available
  • The efficacy and benefits of Redi-Flex were trialled over 2 years in large research study with exceptional results
  • Compared against other joint supplements: 90% approval rating it better or much better than other leading joint supplements.
  • Highly palatable banana flavouring and sticky powder coats feed for reduced sift-out wastage in feed bins