Kohnke Muscle XL


Muscle Amino Acid Supplement, with Vitamin E, for Horses

Muscle XL® provides a natural food source of essential branched chain amino and other amino acids, as well as Vitamin E, organic sulfur and organic zinc, which are the specific nutrients required for muscle development and recovery after exercise. The all natural nutrients in Muscle XL® are highly digestible and assist recovery and maintenance of the working muscles following exercise.

  • Suitable for gallopers and pacers in pre-training, especially "slabby sided", "flat rumped" horses
  • Racing horses prior to and after hard racing to provide supplementary amino acids to assist muscle recovery
  • Equestrian horses - for "top-line" (dressage, hacks, led-in show and halter horses)
  • Endurance horses - provides amino acids to help counteract muscle break down during long distance training and competition
  • Yearlings for sale preparation - helps "top-line" and physical appearance with 3 weeks of supplementation - adds muscle - not fat!
  • A rich natural source of Branched Chain Amino Acids to assist muscle recovery on grain and hay based diets
  • Contains all natural and organic ingredients to supplement diets low in specific amino acids, Vitamin E and Zinc for the maintenance of muscle bulk in all racing, endurance, working and show horses
  • Muscle Amino Acid Supplement, with Vitamin E, for Horses.