Kohnke Gastro Coat


Gastric ulcers are increasingly common in performance and pleasure riding horses, including Dressage, Show Jumping, Eventing and Showing horses.

Even lightly worked horses may develop gastric irritation or ulcers which cause pain and a change in behaviour.

Signs may include:

Girthy Behaviour, Reduced Performance, Wind Sucking, Picky Eating, Weight Loss, Crib Biting, Reluctance to Canter, Frequent Drinking and being Slow to Eat.


  • Many horses with gastric irritation are girthy and react badly when the girth is tightened. These horses will often stop girthy behaviour after a few days with Gastro-Coat supplementation

Picky eating

  • Horses with ulcers often prefer hay and chaff rather than grain or sweetened feeds. Giving Gastro-Coat 15-30 minutes before the main meal will help horses eat hard feeds with enthusiasm.

Frequent drinking

  • Horses with stomach ulcers often eat slowly and drink frequently while eating their meal. Gastro-Coat is an excellent appetite stimulant and helps horses to salivate properly when eating.

Reluctance to canter

  • Gastro-Coat has special stomach coating agents to help shield the sensitive stomach lining from acid irritation and damage during exercise.