Kimblewick Spanish Port Bit

Full;5.5 Inches
Cob;5 Inches
Pony;4.5 Inches

Stainless steel with low ported mouth. Referred to as the "Kimberwick" in the USA and sometimes known as a "Spanish Snaffle".

As with pelhams and weymouth bits, the bridle cheek pieces are attached by the eye at the top of the bit to produce a more direct poll action. The slotted cheeks allow the rider to alter the rein position to increase or reduce the curb action.

This model has a ported mouthpiece, which allows more room for the horse's tongue and acts on the bars of the mouth. It comes complete with a double link curb chain. Stainless Steel.

  • Pony Size (11.5cm/4 1/2")
  • Mouth Thickness 14mm 
  • Cheek Length 100mm


  • Cob Size (12.5cm/5")
  • Mouth Thickness 14mm
  • Cheek Length 100mm


  • Full Size (14cm/5 1/2")
  • Mouth Thickness 14mm
  • Cheek Length 100mm