Kent & Masters S Series Jumping Saddle

17 Inches;43cm
17.5 Inches;44cm

The Kent & Masters S Series Jump Saddle has a Cut-away panel which allows the horse's scapula to move freely. The Jump Saddle has a flocked panel changeable gullet and moveable billet positioning enable the fit to be tailored to suit the conformation of the horse.

It has a hide pad over the calf block and ghosted stitching in the knee pad to provide extra rider comfort. Changeable girth straps give the option of a minimum of three possible girthing arrangements on every saddle so saddle stability can be optimised instantly.

All models (except dressage) are fitted with three billets with the third being moveable. Initially girth up in the neutral position using the second and third billet which is the same as girthing on the first and third on a saddle with a conventional girthing system. Assess the saddle ridden then adjust the girthing if necessary to use the first strap (which is attached to the point of the tree) and or move the third strap onto the floating balance position to increase saddle stability.

Note the new S Series use the R Bar Gullet for older Jump styles use the S Bar Gullet

All materials sourced in England and Manufactured in England