Kent & Masters Surface Block Dressage Saddle


Kent & Masters Surface Block Series Saddle comes with a Medium Panel, High Wither Panel or Low Profile Panel (Cob type horse)

The new Kent & Masters S Series High Wither Saddle is dressage specific saddle with an open-headed tree suited to horses with a high wither conformations.

The Kent and Masters S Series Medium wither for medium backs.

The Kent & Masters Low Profile made for the wide or Cob Style horse with a deeper seat for the rider.

The Kent & Masters S Series saddle has deeper gussetts which ensure that clearance is maintained along the wither and spine. This saddle also has three girthing options which allow the saddle to be girthed according to the horse's movement and shape.

It has a Surface-mounted thigh block for enhanced in-saddle stability. The longer R-Bar Gullet to fit the high-headed trees with long points and a round cantle. R-Bars are not available in Extra Extra Wide fitting.

Dressage models should also be girthed up in the neutral position by starting with the moveable billet attached behind the point. To increase the stability of the saddle you can move the billet onto the tree point. For added security the point strap can then be locked in position by passing the billet through the loop at the bottom of the panel.

The saddle is made by Master Saddlers in England and flocked with 100% English wool.

All materials sourced in England and Manufactured in England