Jeffries Web Reins

54 Inch;5/8 Inch
Web Notched Reins

Jeffries Falcon web reins come in 5/8 width. These Falcon Web Reins can be used as a single rein or as the top rein of a Weymouth bridle. The Jeffries web reins have leather spacers on the webbing. They are handcrafted in England by master bridle makers. The Web with leather notches helps with the grip of the reins and it is easy to measure up an even rein length by counting the notches.

In the modern era of riding, fashions in bridlework have changed both in style and colour. To meet this challenge Jeffries offer a range of bridles carrying the world-famous Falcon brand. The range is available in Black with matching flesh side and self coloured stitching. Maintaining the same high quality levels of Jeffries Traditional bridlework, the range carries the distinctive Falcon brand name.