Jeffries Reins Rubber Grip


English leather rein made in England. This rein has leather top with rubber grip on the underside of the rein for extra grip in either the top rein of a Weymouth or the Curb Rein. The reins can be used individually. 

All hides for Falcon bridleware are carefully selected and inspected before going through scrupulous hand preparation. The leather has rounded and sealed edges to help protect the fibres from the elements and sweat, as well as ensuring comfort for the horse. The leather is stained and sealed, and then buffed and polished to a fine shine ready for stitching.

One person prepares the leather including the marking out, punching, edging, staining, veining and polishing. The Stress points are always double stitched with hand-waxed thread, ensuring security and strength.

Falcon bridles are never made with less than nine stitches to the inch. The bridle is then hand-finished by the same person who prepared it originally including re-creasing, blocking the keepers and sealing and polishing stud linings. All component parts used in Jeffries products inluding the studs, buckles and thread are of the highest quality. The leather used on Falcon bridles has a matching flesh back with self coloured stitching.

To maxiumize the longevity, safety and the comfort of your reins it is essential to clean it with saddle soap to remove the sweat after each use and clean regularly when required with a natural fat based leather dressing remembering always to wash of the saddle soap after application to prevent cracking of the leather.