iO Neatsfoot Oil

1 Litre

iO Neatsfoot Oil is a natural conditioning, softening and preservative agent for leather. Great for saddles, tack and other leather items around the home. It prevents smooth leathers from drying and cracking. For smooth leathers only.

iOs Natural Neatsfoot Oil allows for greater penetration into leather, meaning years more enjoyment out of your favourite leather tack. iO Neatsfoot Oil ensures low irritation for horse and rider.

iO Neatsfoot Oil repels water and protects against stiffening and cracking.

There’s a right way and a wrong way to use iO Neatsfoot Oil on leather.

First, the wrong way: never apply it in thick, heavy layers as this will certainly attract dirt and dust, and as it will cause a marked change in the colour of your leather.

Now for the right way: use this stuff in tiny amounts for best results. Get a very soft cloth and dab a few drops of iO Neatsfoot Oil onto it. Rub it rapidly into the leather, covering as much area as you can with that small amount. Keep adding more in tiny increments until you have covered the entire item. Once you are finished, take another soft cloth, preferably a highly absorbent one, and rub briskly to remove excess oil and bring out a soft shine. Done the right way, the item will dry quickly, will look marvellous, and will have a nice, water-resistant finish.