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iO Electrolyte Powder 2 Kgs


iO Electrolyte Powder is a nutritional supplement to assist in maintaining and restoring the animal?s normal electrolyte balance where level may be low in body tissues during heavy exercise and in hot weather conditions.

Made in Australia.

Quick Facts & Benefits: Electrolytes can be used to encourage drinking (e.g. during transport or if horse doesn?t like to drink away from home). Usually thirst/drinking is stimulated within 3-4 hours after dosing. Horses administered any form of electrolytes need to be consuming adequate water. Electrolytes should never be force fed to a dehydrated horse, and any horses supplemented with electrolytes should be monitored for dehydration (skin pinch test, mucous membrane color and hydration, capillary refill).

Active Constituent: Each kg contains: Chloride, Sodium 233.3gm, Potassium 133.0gm, Magnesium 17.0gm, Glucose 95.2gm