Horze Fetlock Boots

$29.50 $15.00
Coronet Blue
Dark Bottle Green & Dark Grey

The fetlock joint can be subject to a range of injuries especially during high-energy activities like show jumping for example. Our Fetlock boots are created to protect the horse's hind leg against knocks, abrasions and brushing making them easy to use.

Perfect for show jumping and schooling, Horze fetlock boots combine a molded hardwearing strike pad with neoprene for comfort and protection. A slim line design makes this boot light and easy to use with durable fabric designed to withstand everyday wear and tear. Velcro straps secure the boots for a comfortable fit.

Multiple colors to choose from, so your horse can be protected and trendy, just like you!

  • Provides exceptional protection
  • High quality
  • PVC with a neoprene lining
  • Slim-line design means the boot is light and easy to use
  • Ideal for protecting legs without restricting any hind leg flexion
  • Velcro strap closure to ensure the boots stay in place and enables easy removal
  • Outer shell made from high impact resistant PVC
  • Cushion soft neoprene for comfort and durability
  • Neoprene and durable PVC plastic
  • Wipe clean
  • Benefits of neoprene
  • Adds reinforcement (ankle support) and guards against abrasions as few materials do
  • Adds durability and product lifespan
  • Neoprene lined products are more expensive due to safety and durability
  • Sold in pairs
Technical description
  • Plastic, neoprene.