Heiniger Xplorer Horse Clipper


The Heiniger Xplorer Clipper comes complete with 31F/15 blade set is a 10.8V Cordless horse and cattlle clipper which is smooth and powerful clipping.

  • All NEW ergonomically shaped slim grip, soft feel barrel
  • Strong and durable fibrreglass casing
  • Lightweight at 990 grams with a solid durable fibreglass reinforced case.
  • Very powerful 10.8v Li-Ion rechargeable battery - extremely silent at 65dB
  • More cutting power to the blades compared to any other clipper in its class -2450dbs/minute.
  • Up to 120 minutes of clipping time
  • Includes 2 batteries
  • New Switch position allows for a one handed, thumb operation.
  • Battery recharge time 60 minutes

The Clipper comes in a carry case with two rechargeable batteries and oil. Quality made in Switzerland.