Fairfax Narrow Gauge Dressage Girth

55cm;22 Inches
60cm;24 Inches
65cm;26 Inches
70cm;28 Inches
75cm;30 Inches
80cm;32 Inches
  • Designed, tested and scientifically proven
  • Contoured shape to avoid the sensitive area behind the elbow
  • Handmade in Walsall, England
  • Constructed from the finest English leather
  • Lined with Prolite known for its ability to distribute pressure, absorb impact and prevent rubbing
  • New construction method allows the Prolite edge "to float" so the horse's muscles can move underneath rather than bang against the horse
  • Combination of the contour and the cushioning creates a buffer zone and prevents a "hard" edge
  • Short girth for use with dressage saddles on horses with a narrower ribcag


  • Avoid all glycerine and oil based cleaners and feeders
  • Wait until the leather is thoroughly dry before applying any treatment
  • Allow leather to dry naturally
  • Do NOT place on heaters or artificial heat
  • Never use wet tack