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Equitie Safety Tie


Equitie is the safer way to tether your horse. For safety reasons it is advisable to tether horses with a deliberate breakpoint between the horse and the securing ring. However, finding a breakpoint that is certain to give way in an emergency is not easy. A loop of bailer twine is commonly used but can be unreliable. The answer is Equitie.

Equitie’s advanced design using durable rubber and an easy-release clip means it is strong enough to secure your horse but provides an instant, reliable breakpoint should your horse panic. The clip lets you move Equitie easily and adjust its size, making it ideal for the stable, yard or horse float. It also looks far more attractive and professional than that ugly bailer twine. 

Equities are:

Strong yet flexible
Easily moved
Weather resistant
Ideal for stable, yard or float
Made in England
Available in pink, blue, black and lilac
Equities are designed for use with a good horse, which ties up well but may occasionally startle. If your horse fidgets, a V-Tie may be more suitable for you and your horse as it has a higher strength break point and is re-useable. If your horse pulls back when tied up or you are training a young horse, consider the Idolo tether tie which is designed for this purpose and trains horses to tie up safely and confidently using pressure and release.

Why not take advantage of the bulk discount to ensure you have Equities for the stable, yard and float?

To order, click on the drop down box below and select your preferred colour, then click 'add to cart'. You can order multiple Equities in different colours by returning to the drop down box after you have clicked 'add to cart'. Alternatively, if ordering multiple Equities of the same colour, you can change the quantity when you get to the checkout. If you don't specify when ordering online which colour Equitie you would like, we will pick for you.