Equi Prene Comfort Cinch Girth

70cm;28 Inches
75cm;30 Inches
80cm;32 Inches
85cm;34 Inches
90cm;36 Inches

Equi-Prene Comfort Cinch Girth renowned for quality girth systems Equi-Prene proudly introduces Memory Foam technology to their comfortable strong range of Girths. The Equi-Prene Comfort Cinch provides hours of riding comfort for your horse.

Equi-Prene horse products are designed and engineered for exercise training and conditioning. Made of high quality neoprene rubber and strong nylon knit facing fabric Equi-prene horse products stretch in all directions for freedom of movement without binding and stay in place and designed to conform to the shape of the horse. Always keep girth clean to avoid rubbing.