Equinade Glo White Shampoo

1 Litre
2.5 Litres
5 Litres

Equinade Showsilk Glo-Colour Shampoos have been formulated to give an even depth of colour and add a healthy glow to coats. The rich colours and shine boosters will revitalise dull and patchy coloured coats to create even tones and a bright, lasting shine. The shampoos have been pH balanced to be gentle enough to use on many show animals; including horses, dogs, cats, cattle, goats, rabbits, fowl and other birds.

Showsilk Glo-Colour Shampoos are concentrated and have high cleaning capabilities making them economical to use. Showsilk Glo White Shampoo is suitable for grey and white animals and also for multi-coloured coats to enhance the brightness of all colours.
An outstanding formula to clean, brighten, whiten and remove stains and yellow tinges. Highlights white markings, whitens tails and manes and brightens all coat colours. Does not contain bleach.