Equilibrium Training Boots Old Style

$149.95 $110.00

Breathable support without restriction

Pliable and flexible support boots, Stretch and Flex Training Wraps allow the horse to move freely, while still benefiting from effective support.

Comfortable, breathable support boots offering the support of an exercise bandage with the convenience of a boot. Suitable for schooling, hacking and everyday use with extra protection around the fetlock joint making them ideal for young or big moving horses.

Made from unique breathable Stomatex which regulates the skin temperature during work. The Stretch and Flex Training wrap is shaped to fit comfortably around the contours of the horse's leg, ideal for horses with knocks, scars or splints.

Extremely soft and comfortable

Made from unique Stomatex® which replicates the way plant leaves breathes

Offers supreme levels of support

Provides additional support to the fetlock joint

Extra thick soft padding protects the tendons, the inside of the cannon bone, and the fetlock joint.

A wrap around strap snugly supports the fetlock joint and prevents sand and grit from getting up inside the boot.

Easy to fit, easy to wash and extremely comfortable for your horse to wear

Can be worn on front or hind legs as required