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Equilibrium Field Relief Muzzle Fringe One Size Grey


Ideal for horses who might not like a traditional nose piece or cover, or need protection from the flies and midges without the UV protection. The Field Relief Muzzle Fringe attaches easily to any fly mask within the Field Relief range.

  • With 1 year product guarantee.
  • One size. Simply cut the length to the perfect fit.
  • Designed with a simple hook and loop attachment.
  • The inspiration behind the Field Relief Muzzle Fringe.

We recognise that every horse is an individual with their own preferences. Some may like ears on a fly mask. Some may not. Others may need a nosepiece, while others don’t. Our Field Relief additions such as the Muzzle Fringe, or the Detachable Nosepiece, give you the option to tailor your horses fly mask to what they need and prefer!

The design of this horse fly mask nose fringe.
This simple yet effective product is designed to attach to our Field Relief Max, Field Relief Midi or Field Relief Midi Without Ears by a simple hook and loop (otherwise known to most as ‘Velcro’) attachment. Not to fear though, this attachment, if kept clean, is very strong for horses who do like to challenge their fly masks durability!

Simply ‘stick’ the fringe onto your Field Relief Fly Mask, cut it to length and you’re ready to go!