Equi Prene Pressure Eze Dressage Girth

45cm;18 Inches
50cm;20 Inches
55cm;22 Inches
60cm;24 Inches
65cm;26 Inches
70cm;28 Inches
75cm;30 Inches
85cm;34 Inches
  • This girth has been designed to reduce pressure on the ascending pectorals to help prevent injury and aid in breathing
  • The pectoral muscles run from the breastbone to the fore-arm and bring the leg inward
  • The pressure caused by girths restricts the use of this muscle and limits front end movement
  • By doubling the surface area over this muscle area we halve the pressure
  • The dual elastic ends also aid in pressure relief as well as helping with the vital function of breathing by enabling the ribs to expand.