Defiance Patent Dressage Girth

$399.95 $200.00
50cm;20 Inches
55cm;22 Inches
60cm;24 Inches
70cm;28 Inches

The Defiance Girth is a hand made English girth made from fine Sedgewick leather. The Girth is designed to re position the girth points when the shape of the horse means that the girth points are pulled forward on an angle because of where the girth notch is on the horse. We have no control over this area of the horse. The girth steps the girth points back to stop the pull on the saddle and put the girth points at thecorrect angle to help prevent the saddle from being pulled over the horse's shoulder. The Curve of the girth goes to the front.


  • Always wipe the sweat off after use with a damp cloth
  • If you use saddle soap make sure you wash it off to help prevent cracking