Defiance Force Jumping Saddle

17 Inches;43cm
17.5 Inches;44cm
18 Inches;46cm
Medium Wide
Medium Wide Special

The Defiance Force Jumping saddle is a modern European Jump saddle with a good forward position.

This Saddle has a narrow twist to allow close contact to the horse and places the rider in a well balanced seat which allows the rider to move with the movement of the horse and not behind the movement.

It is made by a traditional English craftsmen using a sprung English wooden steel tree and fine English cruise leather is a soft leather and provides great grip for the rider, it is a high quality leather from the the famous Tannery in England - Sedgewicks who still tan the leather in age old fashioned way.

Like all wood and steel tree's they just get better with age as they form to the horse and rider. This saddle is great value.


  • Wipe the sweat off your saddle with a damp cloth after each use
  • When using saddle soap always wash off to help prevent cracking