Defiance DSB Show Dressage Saddle

17 Inches;43cm
17.5 Inches;44cm
Medium Wide
Extra Wide

The Defiance DSB Dressage saddle has a deep seat with a narrow twist, hand made in fine English Tradition from craftsmen Master Saddlers.

They use 100% English Wool Flock and Sedgewick English Leather on a Wood Steel tree. The older this saddle gets the more mellow it becomes.

The block is angled to allow more freedom of movement in the thigh area and designed without a skirt on the saddle to allow closer contact between you and your horse.

The panel on this saddle is compact which gives a great fitting range for most horses especially our modern day horses which are more athletic and compact. The saddle has a forward balance seat.

The Saddles come with three girth points so that the point that is not required can be removed as all horse's have a different girth position and require different positioning of the girth which best suits your horse.