Cavalier All Purpose 4 PC Gullet Set


4 Piece Gullet Bar Set for Cavalier All Purpose Saddles. Includes a Narrow, Medium/Narrow, Medium/Wide and Wide gullet.

The Cavalier All Purpose Saddles come pre-fitted with the Medium size gullet.

Instructions to change the gullet plate :
– Pull back the flap inside the gullet after undoing the velcro strip.
– Undo Phillips head screws situated just behind the saddle dee rings under both skirts.
– Pull both panels down off the synthetic tree points exposing the fitted metal gullet bar.
– Undo both screws and replace it with the size gullet bar required.
– Refit panel to the tree points and carefully line up the thread socket that is imbedded in the panel with the top screw situated behind the dee ring and tighten.