Cal Plus Biotin


CAL-PLUS WITH BIOTIN is a palatable supplement formulated to supply essential calcium biotin vitamin A and D to the diet of all horses.

RECOMMENDED FOR: All horses on grain-based diets. Foals and young horses. Pregnant mares. Horses fed on sub-tropical grasses and hays. Horses with hoof problems such as cracks brittleness and separation of the white-line.

COMPOSITION - Each 60g dose contains: MACRO-MINERALS Calcium 20.1g Phosphorous 2.5g Magnesium 300ug Ammonium Chloride 300ug TRACE MINERALS Zinc 96mg Manganese 37mg Iron 66mg VITAMINS Biotin 15mg Retinol (Vit. A) 5.4mg Cholecalciferol (Vit D3) 300ug

DOSAGE - The following recommended dose rates have been calculated to satisfy the calcium requirements based on common diets and activity:

  • Stallions at stud 60g Stallions at stud (stabled on grain rations) 90g Stallions (off season) 30g Stallions (off season)30g
  • Pregnant mares (2-8 months of pregnancy) 45g Pregnant mares (last 3 months of pregnancy)60g Lactating mares (first 3 months)90g Lactating mares (3 months to weaning)75g
  • GROWING HORSES Foals (creep feeding) 30g Weanlings (6 months)60g Yearlings (12 months)60g Growing horses (18 months - 2 years non racing) 45g
  • Note:Ponies (mature weight 225kg-250kg should receive half the recommended daily dose.
  • It is preferable not to mix any calcium supplement into wet bran mixtures.