ATM Jumping Saddle

16.5 Inches;42cm
17 Inches;43cm
17.5 Inches;44cm
Medium Wide;Small Flap
Medium Wide;Medium Flap
Medium Wide;Large Flap

The ATM is the affordable jumping saddle with a good seat position that does not put you behind the movement of the horse.

Made by Luc Childeric this saddle is made on a Synthetic tree which can be adjusted on site by a qualified saddle fitter with the appropriate saddle press.

This saddle comes in a Small Flap, Medium Flap or Large flap to accomodate different leg lengths. A French made jumping saddle constructed on a Synthetic tree.

A tremdous jumping saddle with a fantastic seat and positition. This saddle has it all balance, correct position at an affordable price. Quality French leather.