Airowear Outlyne Teen Body Protector

Black and Orange
T1 Slim Short
T1 Short
T1 Regular
T2 Slim Short
T2 Short
T2 Slim Regular
T2 Regular

The Airowear Teen Outlyne comes in Sizes: T1 and T2 Teen Outlyne is designed specifically for teenage riders.

For teenage girls the Teen Outlyne is darted at the front to provide room for the bust.

Key Features:

  • Zip style with adjustable chest waist and shoulder fastenings
  • UltraFlex Technology
  • Soft and light weight impact absorbing properties
  • Visual fit indicators ensure your body protector is fastened safely
  • Moulds comfortably around the body
  • Safety Standard:CE marked to EN13158:2009
  • Annually retested to BETA 2009 Level 3