Airowear Outlyne Mens Body Protector

$759.95 $550.00
Mens 3 Short
Mens 4 Short
Mens 5 Short
Mens 7 Regular

Men's Outlyne provides a tailored masculine fit for male riders of all shapes and sizes.The Men's Outlyne is generously tailored over the shoulders and cut generously across the rib cage specifically for a masculine fit.

Key Features:

  • Mens comes in a Zip style with adjustable chest waist and shoulder fastenings
  • Generously tailored over the shoulders
  • UltraFlex Technology
  • Soft and light weight impact absorbing properties
  • Visual fit indicators ensure your body protector is fastened safely
  • Moulds comfortably around the body
  • Safety Standard:CE marked to EN13158:2009
  • Annually retested to BETA 2009 Level 3