Airowear AyrPS Body Protector

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Teen 1 Regular
Teen 2 Slim Regular
Teen 2 Regular
Ladies 3 Slim Regular
Ladies L3 Short
Ladies L5 Regular

Not available for Post due to Flammable canisters instore only.

The AyrPS unites a detachable, inflatable AirShell gilet tested to Satra M38:Issue 3 February 2015 airvest standard with the lightweight BETA 2018 Level 3 AirMesh2 body protector. Together they offer the most highly ventilated, double layer protection in Airowear's line. Both layers have breathable mesh covering for optimization of airflow. With a wide range of gender-specific sizes, the AyrPS fits comfortably and moves with the rider's body. It is available in black with silver.

A lanyard and saddle strap are included with the AyrPS.

All Airowear body protectors are manufactured and tested to meet the highest safety requirements for the different disciplines for which they serve. Airowear's body protectors are CE marked to EN13158 and in addition to this are annually retested to BETA 2018, giving you peace of mind that an Airowear body protector consistently meets the latest and highest levels of safety standards available.

Body Protectors

Our body protectors all conform to the European Standard EN13158:2018 and are CE marked to show their compliance to the EU Regulation 2016/425. In addition, they are annually retested to ensure consistency of the Standard.

Manufacturers with body protectors conforming to the BETA standards are required to annually re-test their approved garments to ensure long-term consistency in the quality of manufacture and of the shock-absorbing foams used in the construction of their garments.

Levels of Protection

There are three levels of protection to cater for different riding activities.

Level 1 - Green Label

Body protectors certified to Level 1 provide a lower level of impact protection that is only considered appropriate for licensed jockeys while racing.

Level 2 - Orange Label

Body protectors certified to Level 2 provide a lower than normal level of protection that is only considered appropriate for use in low risk situations. These DO NOT include riding on roads or other hard surfaces, riding over jumps, riding young or excitable horses or riding while inexperienced.

Level 3 - Blue Label

Body protectors certified to Level 3 provide a level of protection that is considered appropriate for normal horse riding, competitors and for working with horses. Protectors to this level should prevent minor bruising that would have produced stiffness and pain, reduce soft tissue injuries and bruising, and prevent a limited number of rib fractures

No Body Protector can prevent serious injury in certain accidents, but you can improve your chances of staying safe and reducing the severity of injuries by making the right choice.

Level 3 - Carriage Driving Blue Label

Body protectors designed to meet the needs of horse drivers and passengers. It does not provide adequate coverage of the back for those riding horses or those working with them.